Shady Oaks Speedway

Shady Oaks Speedway
2185 FM 622
Goliad, TX 77963
United States

ph: 361-645-8353
fax: 361-645-8268

Super Stock Rules

Shady Oaks Speedway will utilize the Southern Late Model Stock Rules for 2008 with Shady Oaks additions as noted in bold text: 



All cars must be American factory made passenger cars. No convertibles, sports cars,

sport utility, 4 wheel drive, commercial, or bet online station wagons. All frame bolt holes and

suspension brackets must remain in the stock location. Minimum wheel base 105”!



Minimum weight = 3000 lbs, after the race with the driver, True LEAF SPRING

suspensions = 2800 lbs after the race with the driver. Ballast is allowed and must be

welded or bolted to the frame or roll cage structure with a minimum of TWO ½” bolts

Per 100 lbs. Minimum 2 bolts per piece per location. Must be painted white and have the

Car # on it. No LIQUID ballast!

**See notes for additional weight or weight break under tires**



Only one carburetor allowed on the intake. Carb must be stock and unaltered! (Circle

track floats allowed) Holley #4412,  Holley #3310 or any 650,750,850 Quadra jet allowed. Holley carb

must have the choke horn attached with the list # in clear legible form! Carburetor choke

plate, shaft and linkage may be removed. Holley secondary metering plate may be

replaced with metering block, 4 corner idle is allowed. Holley 3310 must retain working

vacuum secondary.

Carburetor spacer / adapter is allowed. Holley spacer / adapter must not exceed 1 ¼”

TOTAL thickness including gaskets. Quadra jet not to exceed 1 ½” TOTAL

No fuel injectors or pressure systems of any kind!



No aluminum heads, no special order, or factory special order heads!

Any 23 degree cast iron cylinder head betting online allowed: GM, Ford, Chrysler, Dart, Iron Eagle

Vortex, Bowtie, World Products, RHS, etc. NO RAISED RUNNER HEADS!

No porting, polishing, port matching , acid porting, coatings of any kind!

Screw in studs allowed. Flat or angle milling allowed. Machining in the bowl are must be

done with a pilot in the guide and be in a 360 degree circle. Titanium components OK!

Full roller rockers, roller tips, steel or aluminum allowed. Poly locks and stud girdles OK.  Motors should be built without bronze guide plates.



Any bore and stroke combination allowed, but must not exceed 364 cubic inches!

Ford, GM, and Chrysler.

Cast iron block only, minimum zero deck height allowed.

Flat top 2 or 4 valve relief pistons only, NO DOMES!

Aftermarket rods allowed, No aluminum! Aftermarket bolts allowed.

Stock style crank, minimum weight of 49lbs!

Hydraulic or solid cams only, NO mushroom or roller cams!

Stock or circle track pans allowed, must be wet sump!

Fluid type or aftermarket balancer allowed. Engine mounts may be 45 degree

Aluminum mid plates allowed. Any starter may be used and must be in working order.

Any air cleaner allowed NO RAM AIR or FORCED INDUCTION of any kind!

Cast or aluminum intakes allowed, Can not be altered in any way shape or form!

No Brzezinski or sheet metal intakes!



Minimum height 12” from ground to center of front crank bolt! All engines must be

located so that the center on the left front spark plug hole is no further than 1 ½ behind

the left upper ball joint. This will be measured with a square on the front of the block.

All engines must be within ½” of the center of the frame!



MSD or HEI style distributors allowed, Vacuum advance may be removed and pick up

may be locked. MSD boxes are allowed. NO crank trigger or magneto. Rev limiter on

tach or external boxes allowed. NO TRACTION CONTROL DEVICES OF ANY KIND!



Any style bolt on header. Must bolt directly to the head with no adapters. Collector

Type headers only online bet (no zoomies) Exhaust gases must be directed away from the driver

And may not exit through the hood. 180 degree allowed.



Only one radiator allowed, may be aluminum and must be mounted in front of the

engine! Racing caps recommended. Over flow must exit behind the right front wheel!

Electric cooling fans allowed.



Racing gasoline allowed no alcohol or additives!




No electric or pressure systems are allowed. Stock mount, push rod activated pumps only.

Holley and Carter style ok, no belt or cam drives.



Maximum 32 gallon cell. Any safe tank may be used, fuel cell recommended. Roll over

valve required. Must be mounted between the frame rails and must be totally enclosed

from the driver compartment. A minimum of 2 fuel cell straps 2 x 11/8” required to

secure it to the frame. Fuel cell protection bar required, 1 ½” minimum , must be as low

as the cell and extend from side to side and be welded to the frame. If not present……




Any OEM automatic transmission is allowed, direct drives, valved pumps, or bleeder

style valve bodies OK. All forward and reverse gears must be in working order.

Power glide allowed 1 or both forward gears, with neutral and reverse in working order.

Standard transmissions must be stock with all working gears. May use aluminum

flywheel. Mini clutches allowed. All standards must have ¼” steel bell housing

Surrounding top and side at least 180 degrees.

No Bert or Brinn, no 2, 5, or 6, speeds, no overdrives allowed.

All cars must be able to shift from neutral to forward to reverse with engine running

without moving.

Quick change trans or trans adapters for gear change are not allowed.



Drive shafts must be steel and painted white or silver. Must have steel drive shaft loop

(360 degree) connected to the frame and located within 6” of the front u-joint.

Minimum thickness is 2x1/8” or 1” od tubing. No chain loops!



Any American made production car rear end allowed except corvette rear ends.

It may be narrowed or widened. Ford 9” allowed

Floater rear ends allowed, must be all steel except drive plate and cap.

Quick change allowed must have steel tubes.

After market axles, studs, and mini-spools are allowed. No posi-trac limited slip style rear

ends. Rear end axles must be locked together.

Any gear ratio may be used if no alteration to housing is required.

Bolt pattern on the axel/drums may be changed.

Aluminum rear end components allowed.

5/8” studs are allowed



Racing master cylinders and after market brake pedal is allowed. Any master cylinder(s)

with a single or dual outlet is allowed.

Brake pedal adjuster is allowed.

An adjustable proportioning valve may be used.

Minimum of three (3) working brakes are required. Fourth may be valved. If using three

brakes, the fourth brake components may be removed, including the spindle’s caliper


Cooling holes may be drilled in rotors.

No grinding or lightening of parts.

Brake rotors, hats, and/or drums may be re-drilled for any wheel bolt pattern.

Aluminum and stock cast iron calipers only. All brake components must be steel or cast

iron. No carbon fiber brake components allowed in the wheel areas. This means drums,

rotors, hats, caliper brackets and bolts.

No anti-lock brake system.

Any style/brand of brake fluid allowed.

Traction control devices of any kind are not allowed.



Quick release steering wheel mandatory.

Quick steer is optional. No chains pr sprockets allowed in the steering system.

Steering left of drive train only. No rack and pinion steering.

Heims are allowed in place of tie-rod ends.

Power steering is allowed

Steering components (tie-rods, steering box, center link, idler arm) must be stock OEM

for make frame. Tie rod sleeve may be steel after market.



Upper control arm brackets may be stock and may be moved for castor and camber


Upper control arms may be after market.

Lower control arms may be aftermarket. But can not be tubular style.

Screw in or bolts in ball joints allowed.

Upper and lower control arms bushing may be after market.

Lower control arms must mount in stock location to the stock bracket

Sway bars (if used) and sway bar brackets must remain stock or stock replacement and

must be in stock location. Bushing may be after market.

Racing springs are allowed and must be steel. No aluminum, fiberglass, etc.


Steel jack bolts and jack bolts buckets are allowed on all four corners. Adjustable spring

buckets are allowed.

Aftermarket spindles and wide 5 hubs are permitted/

No grinding or lightening of parts. Cooling holes allowed in rotor. 5/8” studs allowed in

any bolt pattern..

All four rear trailing arms (steel only) may be heim type, steel only. Must not compress

or lengthen. After-market bushings may be used.

Bump steer can be adjusted.

Center link can not be altered in length or curl.

All suspensions coil springs must be a minimum of 4 ½” in diameter.

Coil-over eliminators O.K.

Adjustable spring shackles and sliders are allowed.

Steel pan hard bars, J bars, or J bars with a rubber biscuit are optional. Must have steel

heim ends. Multi-hole brackets are allowed.

Allowed rear suspension: (1) Steel leaf springs, (2) Coil spring with: a (stock or after

market 3 links, b) stock. After market 4 links will not be allowed. Spring bar or biscuit

bar is allowed as the top link. No fifth coil torque arm style allowed. Mono leafs are


Rear coils spring cars the spring must be attached to the rear end or bracket to rear end.

No Jacob ladder, Z-link, or swing arm allowed.

Aluminum suspension parts are not allowed.



Shock location optional with a {1} shock per wheel. Shocks must be steel.

No coil over shocks, no coil over springs. Air shocks are allowed. Sway bars or stabilizer

bars must be in original position.



Frame need not match make of body.

Frame may not be cut, bent, or altered to change front suspension brackets except as

specifically mentioned. Uni-bodies must be tied together from front sub-frame to rear

sub-frame. Plating or boxing is allowed. Front clip frame/sub-sections must remain as

originally manufactured.

Rear tube chassis allowed. 2” x 2” x.083” minimum must be extend front clip sub-frame

to the front of the rear-end suspension brackets, on each side of the car. Exception: full

frame cars may use 1 ¾” round tubing from the engine area part of the clip to the rearend

suspension brackets. From the front rear-end brackets to the rear bumper tubing may

be round, square, or rectangular. Fabricated rear clip may be over-tail or under-tail.



Roll cage material must be a minimum of 1 ½” x.095 wall thickness round steel tubing,

Must be box type cage/ four (4) uprights connecting tubing on the roll cage. Roll cage

must have rear supports going down to the frame and may extend into the trunk area, and

diagonal tubing is required to keep the cage from moving side to side. Roll cage must

have minimum three (3) door bars (1 ½” x.095) on the left and a minimum of two on the

right side of the car (1 ½” x.095). All welds must be complete and pass safety inspection

by tech personal.

No iron pipe or square tubing allowed in main section of the cage.

No brazing or soldering.

No aluminum cages allowed.

A minimum of two (2) bars, one per side, may extend from the mail roll cage to points on

the main frame in front of the upper control braces per side to the main frame.

A minimum of two (2) bars may extend to the rear of main frame from the main cage/ Xbracing

is allowed.

Drivers head must within cage with helmet on and have at least 1” clearance of all bars

with drivers in place.



One single bar nerf bar between the front and rear wheels, on each side of the car is

allowed. Maximum size= 1 ½” x.095”. They are to be attached to the cage at the front

and rear sections of the nerf bar. Maximum of two supports allowed for the nerf bar. No

center supports are allowed on the nerf bar. Nerf bar must be inside the body of the car

(except stock steel-body cars.)

Must have rounded or tapered ends on the front, no sharp edges or corners. The rear of

the bar may be squared off but must be capped. No sharp edges allowed.



Minimum of three (3) vertical windshield bars 5/16” in diameter is required. Must be

welded to the cage. All three bars must be mounted in front of the driver.



Hoosier Dirt Boss, Medium Compound, max size 305-60/15.

May use Hoosier D Series Spec tire with 50# additional weight in front of mid-plate.

May use Asphalt Pull-offs with 50# weight break on minimum required weight.



Steel wheels only. Maximum wheel size allowed is 15” x 10”.

Bead locks are allowed on all four wheels. Bead lock outer rings may be steel or


1” after market lug nuts required. 5/8” studs are allowed.

No wheel spacers allowed with stock studs. Wheel spacers may be used when using after

market 5/8” studs.



Any oil or transmission fluid coolers in the driver’s compartment must be configured to

shield/protect the driver in case of leaks. The cooler lines must be encased in tubing.

Rubber or steel may be used.



Any stock or after market steering wheel is allowed.

Quick release steering wheel mandatory.


Updated December 2008



Shady Oaks Speedway
2185 FM 622
Goliad, TX 77963
United States

ph: 361-645-8353
fax: 361-645-8268