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Shady Oaks Speedway
2185 FM 622
Goliad, TX 77963
United States

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Safety Rules



1.1. All drivers must wear an approved flame-retardant, long sleeve-racing suit at all times when on track.  No exceptions.

  1.1.1 Safety driving gloves and shoes are mandatory for all classes.  Neck restraints known as horse collars are mandatory. Head and bet online neck restraints such as Hans ,Hutchins,decell or Leatt brace highly recommended.Horse collars not required if one of fore mentioned devices used.


1.2. All drivers must wear an approved racing helmet with a face shield at all times when on track. Snell 2000 minimum, Snell 2005 recommended

1.3. Anyone without full fire suit will not race.

1.4. Vehicle must be self starting.  Push starts are allowed only with consent of track officials.

1.5. Battery must be securely mounted and contained in a covered battery box in the trunk or driver’s compartment, or in truck bed.

1.5.1. If battery is mounted in front driver’s compartment (to the right of driver), compartment must be     entirely enclosed.

1.5.2. Battery disconnect switch in plain sight.

1.6. All vehicles must have an emergency kill switch on left side of steering wheel.

1.7. All standard transmissions must have blow proof bell housing.

1.8. Flywheels may not be lightened in any way.  Removal of more than one ounce of material when re-facing will be considered lightened.  Minimum flywheel weight will be 15lbs.  Exception Super Stock and Late Model.

1.8.1. Factory hi-performance flywheels (GM #14085720) are allowed (Casting # 14085721u0)

1.9. Radiators in betting online driver’s compartment not allowed.

1.9.1. If a radiator is placed in other than stock position, it has to be properly shielded, double

clamped, etc. and pass Tech inspection.  Call tech for info.

1.9.2. Racing radiators in stock location Highly Recommended.


2.1. Seat belt and shoulder harness are MANDATORY and must be equipped with a single latch, aircraft type release.  5 point harness highly recommended for all classes.  Mandatory for Super Stock and Late Model.

2.1.1. Assembly must be bolted to the frame or roll bar.

2.1.2.Belts can not be over two years old at any time. No homemade belts.

2.2. Vehicle must be equipped with a fully charged, dry-chemical fire extinguisher (with gauge), securely fastened and within easy access of race ready driver.

2.3. Doors must be gutted for roll cage.

2.4. An approved driver side ribbon window net or equivalent is mandatory and must be removable.

2.5. Seats, headliner, carpet and door panels must be removed.


2.6. Racing seat is mandatory.

2.6.1. Seats must be properly braced and attached to the frame or roll cage.

2.6.2. Steering wheel to seat clearance, for easy removal of driver in emergency is mandatory.  Quick release is highly recommended.

2.6.3. Quick steer boxes may be used in all classes.

2.6.4. NO rack and Pinion steering allowed unless car was originally equipped and must be factory unit in factory location.

2.7. Driver’s compartment must have Full floorboard and firewall between engine and trunk      compartment.

2.8. There must not be any sharp or jagged edges inside or outside the vehicle.

2.9. Roll cage

2.9.1. Four post upright design welded to vehicle frame.

2.9.2. In unibodies, cage must be securely welded to floorboard using a steel plate with minimum dimensions of 6” x 6” x 1/8”.

2.9.3. All welds not saddled must have gussets.

2.9.4. No galvanized or screw pipefitting.

2.9.5. Minimum tube dimensions are 1.500” OD x .090” wall thickness.

2.9.6. Minimum of two horizontal bars welded to front and online bet rear uprights.

2.9.7. Minimum of three vertical bars on driver’s side and two on passenger side.

2.9.8. Roll bars must have proper clearance for driver’s head and hands and are subject to           

examination by officials for welding and design.

2.9.9. All bars are MANDATORY.

2.9.10. Bars close to drivers must be padded with minimum 3/8” + padding.


3.1. All doors and fender chrome, headlights, and outside mirrors must be removed.

3.2. All doors must be welded shut. Riveted skins are allowed.

3.3 All glass including windshield must be removed.

3.3.1. In place of windshield 4 ¼” bars to be installed in front of driver. Left roof post can be counted as one.

3.3.2. Heavy hardware cloth is mandatory in front of driver.

3.4. Drive shafts must be painted WHITE and have steel strap drive shaft loops at 2 ¼” wide, mounted within 12” of the front u- joint.  Two piece drive shafts must have two loops.

3.4.1. If chain is used, it must pass track tech approval on size and mounting.

3.5. Stock bumpers are mandatory.

3.5.1. Bumpers must be stock in appearance.

3.5.2. Bracing must be concealed behind the front bumper.

3.5.3. No front or rear grill/brush guards or channel iron bumpers.  Exception: trucks may use channel iron or pipe rear bumpers only.

3.5.4. All rear bracing must be forward of the rear bumper.

3.6. All vehicles must have a minimum of one working shock absorber per wheel.

3.7. All brakes must be in good working order, using stock master cylinder and proportion valve.  Exception Super Stock and late model classes.

3.8. Vehicle MUST HAVE tow hooks or hoops on front and rear.  Chains will be allowed IF properly secured.

3.9. No one will be allowed to start the racing event without a full body on the vehicle.

3.10. The hood even if damaged must remain on the vehicle at the beginning of each race.

3.10.1. Any part that are lost, loose or removal due to damage may or may not disqualify the vehicle from the race.

3.11. Vehicles must be neatly painted with contrasting colored numbers (2 digit max.) with minimum dimensions of 2”W x 18”H on both doors and roof, 5” on front and rear.

3.11.1. Vehicle must be kept neat in appearance.  If requested by track officials you will have two weeks to clean and fix.

3.11.2. All ballast weights must be painted WHITE with the car number visible.  All weights must be securely bolted or welded to the frame.


3.12.1. Nerf bars are optional.

3.12.2. One nerf bar per side, 2” less in diameter, will be allowed.

3.12.3. Ends of nerf bar must be turned at 90 degree angle to the vehicle and have no sharp edges.

3.12.4. Maximum distance from vehicle to outside of bar is 4”.

3.12.5. Minimum distance from ground to bottom of bar is 20”.  Must be parallel to the ground.

3.13. Fuel Systems

3.13.1. Only pump gasoline, including aviation fuel is permitted.  Lubricants in aviation fuel is allowed.

3.13.2.  Racing fuel is allowed.

3.13.3. NO fuel additives permitted.  Fuel will be CHECKED.

3.13.4. NO nitrous oxide.

3.13.5. NO ELECTRIC fuel pumps allowed, Except Late Model.

3.13.6. Fuel tank must be relocated inside car or trunk or truck bed.  Fuel Cells are highly recommended.

3.13.7. Plastic fuel cells must be installed inside protective metal box.

3.13.8. Fuel tanks must be painted WHITE or RED and securely fastened with steel straps.

3.13.9. Fuel lines must be safely routed away from driver’s compartment.

3.13.10 Fuel lines, lines, filters, and connectors both rubber and steel must be approved by track tech.  NO plastic or glass filters allowed.

3.13.11. Throttle return springs on carburetor Mandatory in all classes.

3.13.12. Carburetor to intake adapter/spacer is permitted 1” or less.

3.13.13. Anti-siphon valve installed in gas tank vent is mandatory.

Updated December 2008





Shady Oaks Speedway
2185 FM 622
Goliad, TX 77963
United States

ph: 361-645-8353
fax: 361-645-8268