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Shady Oaks Speedway
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Farm Truck Rules

2009 Farm Truck Rules


The purpose of this class is to establish a low cost, entry-level form of dirt

track racing. The main object is to have a class of trucks that is fun and trucks

that is inexpensive. The truck should be just an old farm truck that has been used for years on the farm. We would like to open up the races to people that would not normally be exposed to racing.


TRUCK RULES: All trucks online betting must be american made and include year models 1965-1987. Trucks must remain stock and completely intact with no cutting, gutting, stripping,

reinforcing, or modifying, except as specifically outlined in these rules.


ALL TrucksMUST HAVE: All cars MUST have a minimum of a roll bar and one

driver’s side door bar minimum tubing size of 1 ½ by .120 wall thickness. NO

black pipe. Bars must be mild steel or chrome molly. They must be bent, No

45 degree angle cuts in roll bar. No drilling or cutting of bar. No gutting,

reinforcing or modifying except to mount roll cage to frame.

Gas tank may be installed inside bed area. Fuel cell may be used. Must be

centered on bed floor and must be strapped with 1 inch wide x 1/8 inch

thick flat stock. Must have 2 straps going up and down and one side to side.

Flat fender washers are to be used to mount tank or fuel cell at the bottom

of bed floor.  All stainless, plastic, glass, and die

cast trim parts, lights, and moldings removed from the outside of the truck.

Door panels must remain stock. Driver's door chained or welded shut.

A 4 point harness seat belts and must be mounted in a secure way.

Numbers (16” minimum) clearly painted on both sides and on the roof facing

the right-hand side of the truck.

Bumper straps 2" flat stock x 1/8 thick, front and rear bumpers.

Drive shaft must be painted white.


ALL trucks CANNOT HAVE: Exposed glass. All glass MUST be removed

(windshields, door glass, rear window, head lights, and tail lights.) Fuel

injection or turbo chargers not allowed. No modifications, or reinforcements of any type.
Recapped tires, tires without tire size numbers on them, or tires with other than

regular highway tread or sports bet re-grooved tires. Any removal of any metal body

chassis parts, unless authorized by a Shady Oaks official.


TRUCKS CAN HAVE: Racing aluminum seat if securely mounted, windshield

screen or radiator mud screen. Exhaust system removed starting at the

trans-cross member and back. Headliners and carpet removed.

Front inner fender wells may be removed. Window nets are optional.


TIRE AND WHEELS:  Stock tires and wheels. No LT or snow tires.  All four (4) rims must be the same diameter, no offset or

reversed rims, steel wheels are permitted, 7" maximum width. Recommend

1”lug nuts.


TRANSMISSION AND REAR END: Transmission must be automatic and

be stock with no modifications and mounted with stock cross member. Rear

end must be stock and mounted in stock location with stock trailing arms.

Locked or posi-traction rear ends will be allowed.


ENGINE: Must be STOCK with stock engine mounts and be in stock location.

Must have stock carburetor and air filter housing, distributor must be stock

with stock components. No roller rockers or roller cam allowed.

No machining or blue printing of valve head and must have stock valve

springs. No pop up / dome pistons allowed.

Camshaft must pass a vacuum gage test and be no less the 16pds. of vacuum.

Chevrolet 305 and 350 engines are allowed but must only run a Rochester

2bbl carburetor.


SUSPENSION: Must remain stock. No spring spacers or spring rubbers

allowed. No weight jacks.

Must have all 4 brakes in working order.


ALL DRIVERS MUST: Have a Snell-approved full face helmet. “M” are ok to

use in this class.

Fire suit bet in tanzania is mandatory including  approved shoes and racing
gloves are required 

Understand the track running rules and flags. Understand that the race may

be stopped at any time and have the field turn around and go clock wise.

Know that purposely hitting another car in the driver's door will possibly

result in being suspended from this class.







Green Flag: Go, Go, Go, Boogity, Boogity, Boogity, race is on.

Yellow Flag: Slow down trouble on the track, Get in single file and do not pass. Stay in

Red Flag: Stop quickly and safely, stay in your car and hold your position. Do

Not Go Past The Scene Of The Accident!

Black Flag: Leave the racetrack and go to the pits immediately.

Yellow/Red Flag: RESTART, the race is being restarted from the beginning. Return to
your original Line-up positions.

White Flag: One (1) more lap to go.

Checkered Flag: Race event is over.


Any other questions please call Shady Oaks Speedway 361-645-8353 


Shady Oaks Speedway
2185 FM 622
Goliad, TX 77963
United States

ph: 361-645-8353
fax: 361-645-8268